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Bill Heeney Encourages Philadelphians to Vote on Election Day

After months of campaigning, fundraising, and getting acquainted with hard-working Philadelphians, the day that Republican City Council At-Large candidate Bill Heeney has been waiting for is just around the corner. Election Day is Tuesday, November 5th, and Heeney wants all citizens of this great city to go out and cast their vote for Better Days Ahead in Philadelphia.

Bill Heeney Writes Urgent Letter to Address Philadelphia Crime

Republican City Council At-Large candidate Bill Heeney is continuing to relentlessly press Philadelphia's D.A., as well as other officials, on addressing the rising crime rate in the city of Philadelphia. Most recently, he has written a joint letter to both Department of Justice Attorney William M. McSwain and Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro, Esq. urging them to pay more attention to the crime in the city. The letter comes on the heels of two children being killed in a violent crime in the past month.

PTL Offers Sole Corporate Trustee Services Delivering Effective Decision Making in Pension Scheme Governance

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Colorado Federal Judge and Prosecutor Entangled in Misconduct Cover-Up

LogoIn 2014, federal Judge Christine Arguello, Colorado U.S. Attorney John Walsh and his underling Assistant United States Attorney Matthew T. Kirsch were publicly criticized by former federal appeals Judge H. Lee Sarokin and other prominent attorneys and justice advocates for allegedly concealing and/or destroying court transcripts to ensure the government did not lose a criminal case against innocent Colorado software executives. The case against IRP Solutions Corporation executives (known as the "IRP6") has been generally characterized by experts as a fraudulent indictment concocted by the government based on an improbable and incoherent theory.

A Reminder from Bill Heeney to Fill out Absentee Ballots

For most Philadelphians, the date to cast their ballots in the race for Philadelphia City Council will be Tuesday, November 5th. While there will be many citizens who will be able to go out and vote, there are many more who, for whatever reason, will be unable to make it out. Some might be out of the city - or even out of state - on Election Day, while others might be working long hours or have a health issue that prevents them from leaving the house, with a trip to their designated polling center out of the question.

Chartered Professional Accountants in Vancouver Warn CRA Audits on the Rise

LogoAs a firm of chartered professional accountants in Vancouver, the team at Mew and Company warn that while taxpayers were on vacation, the CRA was busy sending out tax reviews to many businesses. In most cases, businesses are being investigated for auto expenses, payroll remittances, GST ITC claims, and subcontractors who should be on payroll.

US Tax Professionals in Vancouver Shares Insight Into New Tax Rules for Divorce and Alimony Payments

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Come Join Bill Heeney for Eagles Football

Republican City Council At-Large candidate Bill Heeney knows how much his fellow Philadelphians love their Philadelphia Eagles. As fellow Birds fans, the Friends of Bill Heeney will be hosting a football fundraiser at King's Highway Tavern this Sunday, October 20th, for Sunday Night Football. Every Eagles fan will want to be with Bill Heeney as the Eagles go into a do-or-die matchup with the dreaded Dallas Cowboys.

Apex Officer Showcases New Virtual Reality Police Training Technology at IACP 2019 Conference

LogoApex Officer, an international provider of VR training simulators and technology provider for the police and law enforcement markets, announced today that it will showcase three innovative new technologies related to virtual reality and training simulations from Saturday, October 26th through Tuesday, October 29th at the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) 126th Annual Conference and Exposition in Chicago.

The Friends of Bill Heeney Will Be Sponsoring a Beef and Beer Fundraiser on Saturday, October 12th

Republican City Council At-Large candidate Bill Heeney is still going strong on the fundraising trail, with his latest event scheduled for Saturday, October 12th. The Friends of Bill Heeney will be hosting a Beef and Beer Fundraiser sponsored by Bill's friends in the Irish community from 7:30-11:30 on Saturday night.

Bill Heeney Set to Appear at Union League Golf Club

The Union League Golf Club in Philadelphia's Torresdale region will be holding an event in support of Philadelphia City Council At-Large candidate Bill Heeney. The event will be hosted by the prominent Philadelphia attorney Joseph Kelly, Esq., and will take place on Thursday, October 10th at 6:00 pm.

Bill Heeney Declares Victory over District Attorney's Office

In a landmark victory for his campaign, Republican City Council At-Large candidate Bill Heeney has officially won his appeal against the district attorney of Philadelphia in accordance with Pennsylvania's Right to Know law. According to the ruling by the Harrisburg Office of Open Records, the D.A. must now hand over documents, which reveal the number of declinations of crime in Philadelphia, to Heeney. Heeney has promised to be tough on crime during his campaign for Philadelphia City Council, and this is a victory for his platform.

New Award-Winning Film Is Captivating Film Festival Audiences and the Attention of the Bomb Squad

LogoFilmmaker Linda Shayne wore a blue panama hat when she accepted a Directing Award for "Mirror Image" at the Freedom Festival International in South Carolina. Shayne explained that she wore and tipped her late father's hat, to dedicate the award to him. "The movie explores duality and the internal struggle we have as individuals, about what we will each sacrifice for freedom and democracy. The twins are a metaphor for that personal battle."

Bill Heeney Strives for Better Days Ahead in Philadelphia

It's no secret that Philadelphia is not the golden standard for American cities that it could be. In a town filled with high taxes, rampant crime, and corruption, it's clear that there needs to be a significant change. That's why Republican Bill Heeney has announced his at-large candidacy for Philadelphia City Council, with the hope of providing Better Days Ahead for his hometown.

Denver Federal Judge Defies Appellate Court Order

LogoOn January 23, 2019, based on a motion filed by the Colorado Springs Fellowship Church (view motion online at, the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals ordered federal judge Christine M. Arguello to unseal and make public, records and transcripts from a criminal proceeding where it was alleged she secretly used her court to conduct religious attacks and persecution against CSFC's highly respected Pastor, Rose Banks who was not the defendant and has no criminal record. After nearly six months of failing to comply with the order, New York Attorney Bernard Kleinman petitioned the 10th Circuit to issue another order directing Judge Arguello "to do what [she] has already been directed to do." Kleinman also asked, that because of Judge Arguello's continuing recalcitrance and "bias" against Pastor Banks that she be recused, and the case be assigned to another judge. "As of September 2019 (eight months after the order), the miscreant Judge Arguello continues her defiance, while a recreant 10th Circuit refuses to hold her accountable or assign the case to another judge," says Cliff Stewart, CSFC's Chairman of the Board.

Vancouver Chartered Professional Accountants Post 12 Tax Rules for Real Estate

LogoWorking with a tax planner who understands real estate is one of the most effective ways for home and property owners to file personal tax returns and reduce tax burdens.

Canadian Immigration Lawyers Explain Biometrics Process

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National Electronic Visit Verification Association (NEVVA) Announces Release of State EVV Implementation Tracker

LogoThe National Electronic Visit Verification Association (NEVVA) is proud to announce the release of its new State EVV Implementation Tracker, which was made public at the National Home and Community Based Services Conference. This tool is the first of its kind and provides a single website detailing the States' EVV implementation process under the 21st Century Cures Act. NEVVA, in coordination with ADvancing States (formerly the National Association of States United for Aging and Disabilities (NASUAD)) and Applied Self-Direction, worked to design a tool that allows website visitors to quickly and easily access pertinent implementation processes and details.

Canadian Immigration Lawyer Reminds Caregivers the June 4th Deadline for the Interim Program Is Fast Approaching

LogoOn February 23, 2019, Canada's Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, Ahmed Hussen, announced the "Interim Pathway for Caregivers."

Vancouver Chartered Professional Accountants Post Follow-Up for Tax-Efficient Strategies Around Real Estate Investment

LogoIn a previous blog, the Vancouver chartered professional accountants at Mew + Company in Vancouver discussed why a CCPC shareholder is better off holding real estate investment or any passive investment in a CCPC versus personally. The follow up in the two-part series contains tips on how to reduce the SBD (Small Business Deduction) claw back.

Immigration Advisors in Vancouver Say Government Looking to Fill Labour Shortage

LogoAs a group of immigration advisors in Vancouver, the team at Racer Immigration is always on the lookout for new opportunities for immigrants who want to start a new life in Canada. In the first three months of 2019, Stats Canada reported that the number of job vacancies in Canada had increased and almost 80% of the openings were for permanent positions. For more, go to:

US Tax Professionals Discuss Credit Reports and What's Necessary to Know

LogoAs a firm that provides US tax services for US and Canadian citizens looking for individual and business services, the team at US Tax Professionals in Vancouver know that credit reports play a vital role in financial well-being. To help people understand the report as well as protect them from identity theft and fraud, US Tax Professionals has just released a new article.