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Sex Trafficking Sting Nabs Four Men

LogoSex crime charges are usually defensible in court. Prosecutors must establish guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, and some affirmative defenses might be available as well.

PTL Offers Trustee Secretarial Services to Ensure Pension Scheme Governance Complies with Legislation

LogoA leading professional trustee and governance services provider, PTL offers trustee secretarial services to ensure clients' pension scheme governance is compliant with legislation. Through their services, the company ensures that clients' pension scheme governance meets defined industry standards and practices. Their team of experts are skilled at making sure that trustee and employer meetings are fully prepared for and run smoothly. They also ensure that action points are diligently followed up and scheme calendars are adhered to.

Tips for Paying off Debt from US Tax Professionals in Vancouver

LogoTaking action sooner rather than later prevents a bad situation from getting worse advises US Tax Professionals in Vancouver

Preserve Wealth Through Trust and Estate Planning in Vancouver

LogoHaving a trust and estate plan in place can preserve a greater share of wealth for beneficiaries

Apex Officer Releasing New VR Police Training Technology at Shotshow 2020

LogoApex Officer will showcase their new VR training technology for police, law enforcement, and military training at NSSF Shot Show January 21st through 24th in Las Vegas

Wrongly Imprisoned African American Businessman Ignored by Obama Freed Under Trump's First Step Act

LogoObama Left Wrongly Convicted Black Businessmen Behind After Receiving Personal Letter from Federal Judge Requesting Clemency

PTL Offers DB Pension Scheme Governance Services to Help the Members Secure Their Benefits

LogoA leading provider of independent pension trustee services, PTL offers a defined benefit (DB) pension scheme governance services to help secure the members' benefits as soon as possible and at the least cost to the sponsor. With a collaborative approach, the experts at PTL work with employers and advisers towards shared goals delivers the greatest benefit to pension scheme members. Using an increased focus from The Pensions Regulator, the experts at the company form a clear strategy and a robust but collaborative working relationship with sponsors. Appointing PTL to your DB pension scheme trustee board can have a plethora of benefits including:

Beverly Hills Estate Lawyer Explains the Process of Creating a Legal Will

LogoBeverly Hills Estate Lawyers and Attorneys shares the requirements of a valid will in California

Canadian Immigration Lawyers Share Tips on Avoiding an Immigration Crisis

LogoHonesty is always the best policy when it comes to visa applications, advises Canadian immigration lawyers in Vancouver

US Tax Professionals Provide Synopsis of Business Tax Provisions for 2019 Tax Year

LogoTax structures are changing. A newly published article from US Tax Professionals in Vancouver looks at what businesses need to know

Federal Judges Behaving Badly, Part 3

LogoJudge Continues to Conceal Records of Her Religious Bias in Violation of Supreme Court

33 Organizations & Elected Officials Support City's Climate Justice Plan & Call for Protection of Children in Neighborhoods Disproportionately Affected by Asthma Rates

LogoSupport for Providence’s Climate Justice Plan & Opposition to Any Proposed Facilities on Allens Ave Likely To Worsen Pollution & Asthma Rates

Can Dual or Multiple Citizenship Open the Door for Peace? Author Ken Reiman Believes This Can Be the Case.

LogoIn November of 2019, Norway announced plans to allow dual citizenship beginning January 1st, 2020. The news comes a few weeks after the Dutch parliament voted to permit 100,000 of its citizens residing in the UK to seek dual nationality in the event of a no-deal Brexit, according to The Irish Times.

Cambridge Community Gathers Support to Drop the Suit

LogoSupporters Stand in Unison for Equity Before Profits in Cambridge

Federal Judges Behaving Badly (Part 2)

Logo"The basic rationale of the law of conspiracy is that a conspiracy may be an evil in itself, independently of any other evil it seeks to accomplish." U.S. Supreme Court, 1951

PTL Appoints Governance Advisory Arrangement (GAA) to Help Firms Meet Their Pension Scheme Obligations Quickly and Easily

LogoA leading pension trustee service provider in the UK, PTL appoints governance advisory arrangement (GAA) to help firms meet their pension scheme obligations quickly and easily. As a part of the arrangement, PTL appoints an independent committee to assess the value for money that members of a workplace personal pension (WPP) scheme will receive. The company's board of GAA meet each quarter to consider the value for money of WPP portfolios. The board may also make recommendations on how to improve value for money and produce an annual report on scheme members.

Building a Business Future: Succession Planning in Vancouver

LogoSuccession planning a key part of creating a longstanding business legacy

Federal Judges Behaving Badly (Part 1)

LogoCourt Records Indicate Federal Judges and Prosecutors Conspired to Unconstitutionally Convict and Imprison Defendants

Black and White Justice - Denver Federal Judge Applies Race-Based Standards to Identical Allegations

LogoDenver federal judge Christine M. Arguello applies a different standard of justice for black businessmen then she does for white ones. According to an October 2, 2013 Law360 article, Judge Arguello dismissed a case against top white Delta Petroleum executives who were accused of defrauding investors by misrepresenting Delta's financial position to artificially inflate stock prices. (Dist. Colo. nos. 1:12-cv-01038 & 1:12-cv-01521). But just a year earlier Judge Arguello imposed harsh prison sentences of 7 to 11 years to corporate executives of the IRP Solutions Corporation (known as the "IRP6") who were accused of misrepresenting their contract status with staffing companies to receive unsecured credit for hourly wages paid to temporary contract employees to work on law enforcement-related software projects (Dist. of Colo. case no. 09-CR-00266-CMA). Bear in mind that the staffing companies provided their own staffing services contract (with their payment terms) to IRP executives who signed the contract to receive services.

US Tax Professionals Discuss Tax Rules Around Bitcoin and Other Virtual Transactions

LogoSelling virtual currency is a reportable transaction that can result in a hefty tax bill if handled improperly

Bill Heeney Encourages Philadelphians to Vote on Election Day

After months of campaigning, fundraising, and getting acquainted with hard-working Philadelphians, the day that Republican City Council At-Large candidate Bill Heeney has been waiting for is just around the corner. Election Day is Tuesday, November 5th, and Heeney wants all citizens of this great city to go out and cast their vote for Better Days Ahead in Philadelphia.

Bill Heeney Writes Urgent Letter to Address Philadelphia Crime

Republican City Council At-Large candidate Bill Heeney is continuing to relentlessly press Philadelphia's D.A., as well as other officials, on addressing the rising crime rate in the city of Philadelphia. Most recently, he has written a joint letter to both Department of Justice Attorney William M. McSwain and Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro, Esq. urging them to pay more attention to the crime in the city. The letter comes on the heels of two children being killed in a violent crime in the past month.

PTL Offers Sole Corporate Trustee Services Delivering Effective Decision Making in Pension Scheme Governance

LogoA leading pension trustee service provider in the UK, PTL offers sole corporate trustee services delivering effective decision making in pension scheme governance. Replacing the traditional trustee board, the sole trustee they appoint takes responsibility for pension scheme governance and operation and becoming a trusted point of contact for all aspects of the scheme. The company has extensive experience in sole trusteeship and has been involved in many smooth transitions from traditional trustee boards to the sole trustee model. Their sole trustee ensures that the pension scheme is being properly governed, allowing business owners to focus on running their business without conflicts of interest and strategic issues. Appointing PTL as your sole trustee can have a multitude of benefits including:

Colorado Federal Judge and Prosecutor Entangled in Misconduct Cover-Up

LogoIn 2014, federal Judge Christine Arguello, Colorado U.S. Attorney John Walsh and his underling Assistant United States Attorney Matthew T. Kirsch were publicly criticized by former federal appeals Judge H. Lee Sarokin and other prominent attorneys and justice advocates for allegedly concealing and/or destroying court transcripts to ensure the government did not lose a criminal case against innocent Colorado software executives. The case against IRP Solutions Corporation executives (known as the "IRP6") has been generally characterized by experts as a fraudulent indictment concocted by the government based on an improbable and incoherent theory.

A Reminder from Bill Heeney to Fill out Absentee Ballots

For most Philadelphians, the date to cast their ballots in the race for Philadelphia City Council will be Tuesday, November 5th. While there will be many citizens who will be able to go out and vote, there are many more who, for whatever reason, will be unable to make it out. Some might be out of the city - or even out of state - on Election Day, while others might be working long hours or have a health issue that prevents them from leaving the house, with a trip to their designated polling center out of the question.