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PTL Offers Customised Healthcare Trustee Services to Companies Across the UK

LogoHealthcare trusts are becoming increasingly popular among companies these days. This is because the trusts serve as an alternative to traditional private medical insurance. Employers can self-fund their corporate healthcare provision through these trusts. The funds are held in a trust and are managed by trustees, with claims being managed by a company that specializes in healthcare benefit administration. You can appoint PTL to the board of your healthcare trust to help manage the trust for your employees. With a pragmatic, personable and professional approach, the company has a proven experience of healthcare trust governance. Here are the benefits of appointing PTL to the board of your healthcare trust:

National Electronic Visit Verification Association (NEVVA) Partners with ADvancing States for 2020 EVV Summit

LogoJoin the National EVV Association (NEVVA) on May 8-9, 2020, in Salt Lake City for the Annual EVV Summit immediately following the ADvancing States Spring Meeting to explore the current state of EVV implementations, deadlines and requirements.

US Tax Professionals in Vancouver Discuss Claiming an Elderly Parent or Relative as a Dependant

LogoNew blog by US Tax Professionals in Vancouver outlines the criteria necessary to claim dependants for tax benefits

Beverly Hills Estate Lawyer Lars Kushner Explains Estate Planning for Members of the LGBTQ Community

LogoEstate planning is vital for ensuring that upon death, the people nearest and dearest will be provided for. In the LGBTQ community, there can still be considerable acrimony between individuals and family members. As laws change, it's important to stay on top of changing state laws that can have significant estate and tax implications. For more, go to:

Canadian Immigration Lawyers Discuss Winning Immigration on Humanitarian and Compassionate Grounds

LogoApplying for immigration on the grounds of compassion revolves around build a compelling case

WeGuard Introduces AI with WeTalk

LogoBenefits of AI provided by WeTalk: A must have for a multilingual workforce

Gov. Kevin Stitt 'Lawyers Up' in Casino Gambling Dispute

LogoThe agreement covers up to $300,000 in legal fees, and Perkins Coie may charge up to $750 per hour. The current dispute between thirty-five tribes and the state dates back to December 2019, when Governor Stitt announced that the current 15-year compact would expire on January 1, 2020. Under the terms of that compact, the agreement automatically renews unless either party requested renegotiation. The state tried to renegotiate the terms, and the tribes refused to accept the state's offer. So, as far as they are concerned, the agreement is still in effect. Nevertheless, Governor Stitt insisted that "All Class III gaming activity [became] illegal on January 1st of 2020."

Federal Judges Behaving Badly, Part 4

Logo"It is far worse to convict an innocent man than to let a guilty man go free." U.S. Supreme Court Justice John Marshall Harlan (1970)

Sex Trafficking Sting Nabs Four Men

LogoSex crime charges are usually defensible in court. Prosecutors must establish guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, and some affirmative defenses might be available as well.

PTL Offers Trustee Secretarial Services to Ensure Pension Scheme Governance Complies with Legislation

LogoA leading professional trustee and governance services provider, PTL offers trustee secretarial services to ensure clients' pension scheme governance is compliant with legislation. Through their services, the company ensures that clients' pension scheme governance meets defined industry standards and practices. Their team of experts are skilled at making sure that trustee and employer meetings are fully prepared for and run smoothly. They also ensure that action points are diligently followed up and scheme calendars are adhered to.

Tips for Paying off Debt from US Tax Professionals in Vancouver

LogoTaking action sooner rather than later prevents a bad situation from getting worse advises US Tax Professionals in Vancouver

Preserve Wealth Through Trust and Estate Planning in Vancouver

LogoHaving a trust and estate plan in place can preserve a greater share of wealth for beneficiaries

Apex Officer Releasing New VR Police Training Technology at Shotshow 2020

LogoApex Officer will showcase their new VR training technology for police, law enforcement, and military training at NSSF Shot Show January 21st through 24th in Las Vegas

Wrongly Imprisoned African American Businessman Ignored by Obama Freed Under Trump's First Step Act

LogoObama Left Wrongly Convicted Black Businessmen Behind After Receiving Personal Letter from Federal Judge Requesting Clemency

PTL Offers DB Pension Scheme Governance Services to Help the Members Secure Their Benefits

LogoA leading provider of independent pension trustee services, PTL offers a defined benefit (DB) pension scheme governance services to help secure the members' benefits as soon as possible and at the least cost to the sponsor. With a collaborative approach, the experts at PTL work with employers and advisers towards shared goals delivers the greatest benefit to pension scheme members. Using an increased focus from The Pensions Regulator, the experts at the company form a clear strategy and a robust but collaborative working relationship with sponsors. Appointing PTL to your DB pension scheme trustee board can have a plethora of benefits including:

Beverly Hills Estate Lawyer Explains the Process of Creating a Legal Will

LogoBeverly Hills Estate Lawyers and Attorneys shares the requirements of a valid will in California

Canadian Immigration Lawyers Share Tips on Avoiding an Immigration Crisis

LogoHonesty is always the best policy when it comes to visa applications, advises Canadian immigration lawyers in Vancouver

US Tax Professionals Provide Synopsis of Business Tax Provisions for 2019 Tax Year

LogoTax structures are changing. A newly published article from US Tax Professionals in Vancouver looks at what businesses need to know

Federal Judges Behaving Badly, Part 3

LogoJudge Continues to Conceal Records of Her Religious Bias in Violation of Supreme Court

33 Organizations & Elected Officials Support City's Climate Justice Plan & Call for Protection of Children in Neighborhoods Disproportionately Affected by Asthma Rates

LogoSupport for Providence’s Climate Justice Plan & Opposition to Any Proposed Facilities on Allens Ave Likely To Worsen Pollution & Asthma Rates

Can Dual or Multiple Citizenship Open the Door for Peace? Author Ken Reiman Believes This Can Be the Case.

LogoIn November of 2019, Norway announced plans to allow dual citizenship beginning January 1st, 2020. The news comes a few weeks after the Dutch parliament voted to permit 100,000 of its citizens residing in the UK to seek dual nationality in the event of a no-deal Brexit, according to The Irish Times.

Cambridge Community Gathers Support to Drop the Suit

LogoSupporters Stand in Unison for Equity Before Profits in Cambridge

Federal Judges Behaving Badly (Part 2)

Logo"The basic rationale of the law of conspiracy is that a conspiracy may be an evil in itself, independently of any other evil it seeks to accomplish." U.S. Supreme Court, 1951

PTL Appoints Governance Advisory Arrangement (GAA) to Help Firms Meet Their Pension Scheme Obligations Quickly and Easily

LogoA leading pension trustee service provider in the UK, PTL appoints governance advisory arrangement (GAA) to help firms meet their pension scheme obligations quickly and easily. As a part of the arrangement, PTL appoints an independent committee to assess the value for money that members of a workplace personal pension (WPP) scheme will receive. The company's board of GAA meet each quarter to consider the value for money of WPP portfolios. The board may also make recommendations on how to improve value for money and produce an annual report on scheme members.

Building a Business Future: Succession Planning in Vancouver

LogoSuccession planning a key part of creating a longstanding business legacy