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Westmoreland Cleanways and Recycling Still Recycling Televisions

LogoWith all of the news lately about the difficulty of properly recycling your television according to the Covered Device Recycling Act passed in 2010, be assured that the Westmoreland Cleanways Recycling Center is still accepting them at no cost, in keeping with the spirit of the law.

Rosemary Williams, Founder of Women's Perspective Speaks at a Parallel Event at 60th UNCSW ~ Women's Perspective co-sponsors a Parallel Event with AWE Anglican Women's Empowerment on March 16th at 4:30pm at the Salvation Army Auditorium during the 60th Session of the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women (UNCSW). The UNCSW is meeting in New York City from March 14 to March 24. It is attended by women from almost every country in the world. As the principal global policy-making body addressing the advancement and equality of women, the UNCSW assesses global progress towards the achievement of the Millennial Development Goals.

Candidates About Marijuana Legalization

LogoMarijuana legalization is one of the top topics on the stage for all Presidential candidates in the 2016 Presidential election. Republicans Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, and Donald Trump on marijuana legalization have all different views on this topic. Let's compare these three candidates and their views on marijuana legalization.

New York State Bans Payday Loans

New York State has not only banned five payday loan companies but imposed heavy penalties on them as well. As a result they will not be able to carry out any operations in the state.

CNN Contributor & Donald Trump Expert Jeffrey Lord Predicts What a Trump Presidency Would Look Like on the American Monetary Association's Podcast

Jeffrey Lord, author of the new book WHAT AMERICA NEEDS: The Case for Trump, joined the American Monetary Association show and host/founder Jason Hartman for an animated discussion on the upcoming presidential election. Lord is considered a leading expert on everything Donald Trump. His interview with Hartman centered on the likelihood of a Trump presidency and what it would look like.

Justice for Vets: Playing with Heroes for Fun or Profit

LogoAt some point, you stand there shaking your head: When reality collides with fiction and there arises no seeming distinction between the two, the perversion multiplies exponentially. In the final summation, can we tell the difference any longer?

Woodland Park City Charter Amendments Go Before Voters Including 9.17

LogoWoodland Park, a home rule charter city, will ask voters on April 5, 2016 via a mail-in ballot to support a charter amendment change designed to improve the city's vitality.

Ukraine's Member of Parliament Sergiy Berezenko at International Lunch, Washington

Sergiy Berezenko, 32, Ukraine Member of Parliament from the president's fraction ('Block Petro Poroshenko') in February along with other Ukrainian politicians attended the International Lunch, one of the events related to the National Prayer Breakfast with US President Barack Obama in Washington.

New Proposals Could See the End of the PPI Claims Industry

LogoThe United Kingdom's Ministry of Justice announced yesterday it is set to limit the fees charged by PPI Claims Management companies to their customers with many reportedly charging over a third of their customers financial claims for their own profits.

Jag Dior - Sustainable Energy Infrastructure, Finance and Institutional Investors

Policy makers should do much more to encourage pension funds and other institutional investors to put their ample assets into sustainable energy infrastructure. The wins would be significant. The question is how?

Democrat Rodney Reid Announces He Will Be Gathering Signatures for His Petition to Be on the Ballot for Election to Represent District 32 in the NY State Assembly

LogoEndeavoring to effectively represent the app. 100,000 voters in the 32nd District, Rodney Reid announces his candidacy to run for State Assembly. A democrat empowered with an assertive gait and "Change for a Change" as a campaign slogan, Reid is determined to help the people be heard. An "every man & woman" on a mission, the political hopeful will start by improving schools, health care, housing, senior and social service programs and police relations with the community. Hoping to bring an economic resurgence back to South Jamaica Queens and its surrounding areas, Reid will be the strong voice that brings change home.

Company Expands Secure Product Destruction Services

LogoNortheast Data Destruction, a NAID "AAA" Certified company, has expanded services beyond traditional paper shredding.

A Medici Firma Sponsored Major Infrastructure Bill Clears Republic of Brazil Federal Senate

LogoMedici Firma Infrastructure (MFI) is considering providing approximately US $1.2 billion of Tier 1 facility as approved by the Board of Directors and Federal Senate of Brazil. MFI will provide the facility against Sovereign Bond and Guarantees. Facility would be utilized for new projects development with strong emphasis on supporting high impact development projects, rehabilitation project with measures promoting climate change resilience of existing infrastructure. Projects arising from regional economic and energy initiatives, recommended by the Brazilian Government Delegations or bilateral agencies are also targeted. The Facility will fund development in multi-municipalities that has backed federal resolution n. 43/2001 in advance, financing and implementation of infrastructure projects that would not otherwise reach financial or legal closure. MFI involvement at an earlier stage of the process will enable more efficient use of other forms of technical assistance where appropriate Facility will be placed.

Veterans in Justice: The Failure to Define a Problem

LogoOn December 7, 2015--Pearl Harbor Day--the Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Statistics released its somewhat overdue national survey on veterans in prison and jail. The last national survey was conducted in 2004 and was released in 2007.

Attention All Donald Trump Fans: The Leading Republican Candidate Now Has a Dedicated News Channel

LogoFollowers of real estate mogul and presidential front runner Donald Trump now have their own dedicated website and mobile app that delivers all the good news they crave about the iconic figure on a daily basis via The Trump News Channel (TNC).

Find Me a Tent to Provide Tents Throughout Presidential Campaigns in All Fifty States

The campaign trail is a relentless succession of public engagements and stump speeches that require Presidential candidates to set out their agenda for election, win the hearts and minds of the public, and prove that they are both competent and trustworthy when it comes to holding the highest office in the land. Doing so requires many bases of operation to be set up and taken down inside a day, and sometimes inside a morning or afternoon. That's why Find Me A Tent will be following the presidential campaign, putting up and taking down mobile headquarters for the candidates across the country.

The Medical Malpractice Fund of the Virgin Islands Is Bankrupt

LogoThe U.S. Virgin Islands government has told V.I. attorney Julie Evert that it is no longer able to pay damages to victims of medical malpractice. This is due to the government's failure to maintain the Medical Malpractice Risk Management Fund, which is stipulated in the government's V.I. Code. Victims of malpractice are now left completely unprotected.

Veterans Advocacy: Mind if We Actually Help Some Soldiers? (USJAG)

LogoAmerica once loved the little guy who fought the long odds and won. For those familiar with advocacy and funding on behalf of soldiers and veterans some very salient facets emerge: One of which is that those who benefit most are seldom the regular fighting men and women, the veterans themselves. This is an untold story--or series of stories--that the media has largely failed to tell. The Uniformed Services and Justice Advocacy Group (USJAG) invites the press to remedy this shortfall.

Samuel Claiborne Seeks Funding via Indiegogo for Disreputable, a Unique Form of Protest

LogoPast leaders like Stalin and Hitler were extremely frightened of caricaturists and their ridicule because there is no other form of protest like satire. Disreputable is on a mission to create funny, edgy, and controversial products representing the merciless parody of America's bigoted and corrupt politicians.

Palm Beach Sheriff's Office Has Its Own Fusion Center

The Palm Beach Sheriff's Office has a branch of the Southeast Florida Fusion Center (SEFFC) located inside it, and it is saving lives behind the scenes. Sheriff Ric Bradshaw, who is chairman of regional homeland security as far as the Florida Keys, recently gave Channel 5 News a tour of the Palm Beach Regional Fusion Center (PBRFC), which is the Northern Operational Office of the SEFFC.

Internal Revenue Service Cracks Down on Holiday Travelers

LogoThe Internal Revenue Service is using its authority to rescind passports of citizens who have unpaid taxes, in effect stopping them from traveling outside the country. The IRS intends to enact the new policy during the Holidays.

Probable Hurdles Within the Cameroon's 2035 Emerging Nation Dream as a Fragile State

LogoWith deep empathetic concern for the peaceful wellbeing of its home based country, Modern Advocacy Humanitarian Social and Rehabilitation Association (MAHSRA), an NGO based in Bamenda – Cameroon and in Consultative Status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council ECOSOC [2013], highlights the short comings and the lapses within the country's protective institutionalism towards its great investment ventures as an aspiring 2035 emerging nation.

MAHSRA Releases Two Publications on Emerging Nations in Peace Growth and African Worries for Its Rapid Development

LogoAspiring to promote the comparative peaceful growth and development examples seen within emerging nations and Considering that the African Continent needs much aspirational hope and courage to enhance its own peaceful development perspectives, Modern Advocacy Humanitarian Social and Rehabilitation Association (MAHSRA), an NGO based in Bamenda – Cameroon and in Consultative Status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council ECOSOC [2013], releases two publications that address the scope of regional development objectives of emerging nations and the impact of colonial administration that have retarded African progress but now demonstrates new opportunities for regaining hope towards Africa's rapid development.

MAHSRA Makes Two Publications on Mutuality Versus Reciprocity and the Human Development Index for Peace Building

LogoIn the attempt to propose a working practice for effective peace building measures through some major human solidarity values, Modern Advocacy Humanitarian Social and Rehabilitation Association (MAHSRA), an NGO based in Bamenda – Cameroon and in Consultative Status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council ECOSOC [2013], has released a view on the scope of mutuality and reciprocity towards enhancing objective peace building processes and has also examined the probable entries within which the human development measurement units may be used to address societal conflicts and peace.

Borderless News Online Focusing on Political Situation in Myanmar, Interviews Author Wendy Law-Yone

Followers of Southeast Asian news will already know that this month, the political situation in Myanmar has been of particular interest due to its recent elections and the influence the results could have on regional politics. With a victory by Nobel Prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi's NLD Party forcing the military-backed USDP to share power, foreign investors and Burmese citizens alike are wondering if the country's long-beleaguered plans to increase foreign investment opportunities will pan out, and in what form – as well as at what cost to social and environmental conditions. Borderless News Online, ASEAN news source, has recently released interviews with Wendy Law-Yone, prominent Burmese-American author, and author and reporter at The Economist Richard Cockett to provide relevant, new perspectives on the topic.