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US Tax Professionals in Vancouver Publish Tax Breaks for Members of the Armed Forces

LogoWorking and living cross border can be tough. As a team of accountants who cater to Americans living and doing business in Canada (and vice-versa), the team members at US Tax Professionals in Vancouver recently published an article that highlights some of the special tax breaks available to active members of the US Armed Forces.

PTL Offers Professional Independent Trustee Services for Easy Governance of Pension Schemes

LogoA reputable name in the industry, PTL offers professional independent trustee services for easy governance of pension schemes. With an in-depth experience at governing pension schemes, they dedicate significant time and resources into developing the knowledge that is required to deliver the best outcomes for their clients. Depending on employers' specific governance requirements, the firm acts as chair of trustees or as a sole corporate trustee. They have many years of working in a collaborative and robust relationship, sponsoring employers from a wide range of industries in the UK and overseas. Provides Latest PSU Job Notifications

LogoJob seekers must be cognizant of all the latest announcements and happenings related to the fields of their interest and caliber. There were days when individuals had a hard time doing the same because of the lack of accessibility. However, the circumstances today are different due to the easy internet access and availability of online job portals. There are plenty of such online platforms but job seekers should count only on the trusted and reputed ones for getting the best results. is one of such reliable online job portals, making job search easy, effective and rewarding in every manner possible.

Vancouver Chartered Professional Accountants Warn CRA Reviews Are Increasing

LogoOver the last 12 months, the accountants at Mew and Company, a firm of Chartered Professional Accountants in Vancouver, have noticed the number of CRA reviews increasing noticeably. These reviews are typically not for an earth-shattering amount of GST or income tax. Rather they appear to be random audits to check if taxpayers are being honest.

PTL UK Offers Contract-Based Pensions Governance Services to Ensure Benefits for Members and Employers

LogoPension schemes are important for both employees and employers of any business. Governance is an essential aspect of this process so as to ensure that the schemes are run in the members' benefit. You can outsource the governance process to an external pension scheme governance firm. You can choose PTL UK as your governance firm to ensure benefits for both members and employers.

Does Personal or Corporate Ownership Work Best for Real Estate? Vancouver Chartered Professional Accountants Weigh In

LogoTax planning is a tricky subject at the best of times. According to a new article that's just been posted by the Vancouver Chartered Professional Accountants at Mew + Company, understanding the distinction between real estate investment and development is imperative to developing an efficient tax strategy for real estate holdings.

Supreme Court of the United States Denied Certiorari

LogoThe underlying dispute in this lawsuit involves the Department of the Interior's decision to approve a casino property in Terral, Oklahoma; in fact, a small town in the southern part of the state that is just miles from the Red River.

Washington State Governor Signs a Bill to Erase Marijuana Misdemeanors

LogoAccording to a recent article in The Seattle Times, Washington Governor Jay Inslee signed a bill pertaining to marijuana convictions. Once the new law takes effect, most people with misdemeanor marijuana convictions will be able to have those convictions erased. To be clear, recreational marijuana is legal in Washington. However, people convicted of marijuana offenses prior to legalization continue to face criminal consequences. Indeed, many Seattle residents must identify themselves as having a criminal record for an offense that is lawful in 2019. Auctioning the Best of Land Lots for Sale in Nevada organizes online auctions for a wide variety of real estate that prominently includes raw land or land lots. Customers from across the world can place their bids on its online platform for the properties that they are interested in buying. Apart from purchasing raw land and property, they can bid to buy jewelry, precious gems, loose stones, rare coins, and sports memorabilia respectively. Bidders can also vie for fine art, such as prints, bronzes, and sculptures.

Concord Police Utilize Apex Officer VR Simulator for Use of Force Training

LogoApex Officer, an international provider of virtual reality training simulators for the law enforcement, military, first responder, commercial and educational markets, announced today that California's Concord Police Department has installed Apex Officer's virtual reality training simulator.

Vancouver Will and Estates Lawyers Breakdown the Process of Will Variation

LogoWhat happens if a family member is wrongfully excluded from a will? If a person in British Columbia believes they have been wrongfully left out of a will, or are not properly provided for, they have 180 days from the day that the Grant of Probate is issued to bring on an action, pursuant to the Wills, Estates and Succession Act, to vary a will.

The Center for Election Science Joins St. Louis Approves to Advance Approval Voting Campaign

LogoAfter a landslide victory bringing approval voting to its first U.S. city in 2018, The Center for Election Science (CES) has joined forces with St. Louis Approves to advance an initiative to bring approval voting to voters in St. Louis, MO. CES has provided St. Louis Approves with a grant of $75,000 to help fund their political advocacy campaign, which includes gathering signatures to get the approval voting initiative on the ballot. CES itself will run an education campaign, providing resources to help St. Louisans understand what approval voting is and how it can benefit them.

Vancouver X-Ray Scanning for Doctors Offices and Clinics Now Offered at Micro Com Systems

LogoAs a provider of scanning solutions in Vancouver, the team at Micro Com Systems has been helping businesses manage their documents and paper records since 1975. Today, the company is rapidly moving into new territory by bringing greater flexibility, convenience, and control to medical offices and hospitals through convenient X-Ray digitization services.

Vancouver Consultants Specialize in Business Immigration

LogoAs an immigration firm in Vancouver, the team at Racer Immigration knows that immigrants contribute to Canada in all sorts of ways. While the federal entrepreneur and investor visas are no longer available, there are still routes for skilled workers as well as business people who can create jobs and stimulate the economy. An immigration consultant can explore the best option to help entrepreneurs immigrate to Canada.

Seattle Document Scanning Service Urges Businesses to Contemplate the Hard Cost of Paper Documents

LogoAs a document scanning service in Seattle, the team at Micro Com urges companies to consider the real costs of maintaining paper documents. With labor costs on the rise, paper isn't terribly efficient. Converting paper files and records to digital records can save businesses both time and money in the long run.

Vancouver Personal Injury Lawyers Share 50-Year History of Representing Car Accidents Victims

LogoAs one of Vancouver's longest running law firms to specialize exclusively in helping victims of car accidents, the personal injury lawyers in Vancouver at Simpson Thomas & Associates and its predecessor, Simpson & Company, have been helping victims for 50 years, even before ICBC was established in 1973. Bernie Simpson's vision to focus his personal injury practice to helping victims of car accidents is one shared by founding partner Anthony Thomas. Under their mentorship, the Associates at Simpson Thomas & Associates have become experts in the field of ICBC claims, especially in catastrophic brain injury cases.

PTL UK Offers Contract Based DC Pensions Governance Services to Regulate and Manage All Types of Contract Based DC Pension Schemes

LogoA leading provider of independent governance services, PTL UK offers contract based DC pensions governance services to regulate and manage all types of contract based DC pensions schemes. They employ a huge network of professionals who are experienced in dealing with the pensions regulator and ensuring regulatory compliance. The service can be utilised by employers to ensure governance, manage costs and protect employees' rights. PTL UK provides robust and proactive default options, and an environment where members of the scheme can make informed choices. Through the services, firms can gain various benefits including sharing of best practice to ensure pensions governance, freeing-up management time, assistance with budgetary control, increased employee engagement and motivation and many more. Individuals looking to get these services can contact the team at PTL UK for more information.

Trump and Kushner Asked to Change BOP Policy

LogoThe Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) authorizes Wardens to approve bereavement furloughs (authorized absence) to non-violent inmates at 'out-custody' federal prisons camps where there are no fences, bars, walls or barbed wire. Many of the prison camps are former military bases. In the last six months numerous 'campers' at the federal prison camp in Florence, Colorado have experienced the death of immediate family members, including sisters, sons, daughters, fathers and mothers but the Warden has repeatedly denied furlough requests by inmates to grieve and bury their loved ones.

Chartered Professional Accountants in Vancouver Discuss Liquidity Crunch

LogoThe mortgage rate has gone up, OSFI rules are in full enforcement, and a slew of ownership taxes on real estate have drastically reduced the demand for presale condos. Getting a mortgage has become a challenge, but the accountants at Mew + Company have some advice on dealing with the liquidity crunch.

Vancouver Chartered Professional Accountants Reveal Why a General Ledger Is the Best Defense Against an Audit

LogoA CRA tax audit is something many mature businesses will have to endure at least once during their lifetime. But according to the Vancouver Chartered Professional Accountants at Mew + Company, having a set of financial records that is easy for the auditor to examine can really expedite the process.

Vancouver-Based US Tax Accountants Discuss Making Tax Credits Work in New Online Article

LogoUnderstanding how taxes work can be difficult—it's the reason so many people opt to work with tax accountants. As a firm of US tax accountants in Vancouver, the team at US Tax Professionals wants people to understand that not all tax credits are created equal. Understanding the difference between refundable and non-refundable deductions, as well as tax credits and deductions, are important for those who want to minimize payments and maximize returns.

Air Force Security Forces Adopts Apex Officer Virtual Reality Active Shooter Training Simulator

LogoThe Apex Officer simulator allows the Air Force Security Forces to train for active shooter, use of force, and crisis intervention situations in a 360-degree virtual reality training environment.

Vancouver Chartered Professional Accountants Caution Businesses on Relying Exclusively on Cloud-Based Software

LogoImproved functionality of cloud-based accounting means businesses are performing bookkeeping functions in-house and looking for accountants who specialize in cloud software

DPSI Releases iMaint 4.3 CMMS/EAM Software

LogoDPSI, a provider of industry-leading computerized maintenance management software (CMMS) based in Greensboro, North Carolina, recently released the newest version of iMaint. An enterprise asset management (EAM) system, iMaint centralizes data and automates maintenance management tasks to help companies decrease equipment downtime, maximize return on investment and make smarter asset management decisions.

US Tax Professionals in Vancouver Publish 4 Tax Deductions That Disappeared in 2018

Logo2018 tax reform in the US eliminated a number of deductions that many US taxpayers counted on to reduce taxable income, warns a blog published by US Tax Professionals in Vancouver.