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USINPAC Engages with President-Elect Donald Trump's Transition Team

LogoAdhering to its bipartisan approach in representing the Indian American community, USINPAC hosted a Presidential dialogue series with members of President-elect Donald J. Trump's election campaign and transition team. The interactive dialogue, was attended by a cross section of Indian Americans from across the country. Listeners eager to know more about the incoming administration fielded questions to Congressman Lou Barletta, representing Pennsylvania's 11th Congressional district and Matt Keelen, a republican strategist and consultant for the Trump campaign.

New Donald Trump Gaming App: An Indian Mobile Game App Developer Plays Games with Donald Trump

A new mobile game designed to commemorate the historical 2016 US presidential election of Donald J Trump, is now available in the Google Play. Store. The mobile game app called "Thump It Up" was developed by Subhranil Dhar, an animator / app developer in Kolkata, India. The ideas behind the game developed, as Mr Dhar watched the US presidential campaign on internet at the urging of his US partner, who resides in Indiana, the home state of Vice President Elect, Mike Pence. In an "East meets West", "India encounters Indiana" real life story line, Mr Dhar put Indian talent to work to create a humorous American themed game--- a sort of "Donald Thump takes the White House." The game is being produced by the visual media business of Mr Dhar and his partner, called Sand and Sky Productions, which creates mobile applications and animations and can be found at The Thump It Up gaming app itself can be found at

Members of U.S. Congress Asked to Support Clemency Petition Before Obama for Colorado Businessmen

LogoIn a letter to members of Congress (, A Just Cause asks them to take an active role in advocating for the freeing of six wrongly-convicted Colorado software executives of the IRP Solutions Corporation who are known on the Internet as the IRP6. The men were wrongly-convicted and have spent over 4 years at a federal prison camp in Florence, Colorado. "This was more than destruction of a small, promising software company...This is a human issue that deserves compassion for the plight of children who have unfairly lost their fathers, mothers who have unfairly lost their sons, wives who have unfairly lost their husbands and siblings who have unfairly lost their brothers," Lamont Banks, Executive Director of A Just Cause, said in the letter.

Dawn J. Bennett, Host of Financial Myth Busting, Writes Article, "2016: The Year of Tribalism"

I believe the election of Donald Trump illuminates a true paradigm shift in American politics, a shift away from a politics driven at base by issues to one driven by identity. In the rise of both Bernie Sanders' progressive populism and Donald Trump's nationalist populism, we are increasingly seeing voters choosing a new sort of Internet-era tribalism, banding together in communities so like-minded that they serve as echo chambers for shared hopes and fears alike.

Political Insider Announces Article About 2016 Elections

LogoThe election of Donald Trump represents the repudiation of 8 years of a failed world-view, failed politics, failed economics and domestic policy and a misguided foreign policy. In a larger sense, they represent in addition, a repudiation of the preceding 8 years of domestic, economic and foreign policy. The Elites - including the elite bureaucrats working within the Beltway surrounding Washington D.C. - know they have lost the battle of promoting their leftist agenda over the will of the people.

The Hillary Wins VR Experience: Experience a Sort of Happy Ending in Virtual Reality

The United States of America is officially in mourning after businessman, Simpson Character and former reality star won the election to become the 44th President of the United States. Newspapers around the world and CNN have reported how people are suffering from depression due to the news and how people are taking to the street to protest. To combat the shock and the distress the election result has caused and to put people in a positive place and remove them from reality; VR Retreat has launched a positive reality experience where Hilary Clinton won the elction.

Could Plans for a London-Only Work Visa Soon Become a Reality? Immigration Solicitor Comments

New proposals from the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry have suggested that going forward companies in London should still be allowed to sponsor skilled and in many cases much needed migrant workers with job offers for visas. London's economic success is heavily dependent on immigrant labour so it is likely that this is something in which the government will consider.

Obama & Jeh Johnson Can Still Save DHS from Outdated Technology Crisis

LogoAccording to an April 1, 2016 article, President Obama's Chief Information Officer Tony Scott has called the government's reliance on outdated technology a "crisis" that rivals Y2k/Year-2000 computer glitch. The congressional 9/11 commission found that the FBI's antiquated case management system and processes contributed to information sharing failures that led to the 9/11 attacks ( It is no secret, especially in DC that both the Department of Homeland Security and FBI have yet to modernize their case management systems that are used by tens of thousands of federal agents to conduct criminal and terrorism investigations. Since 9/11 two large defense contractors, SAIC & Lockheed Martin, have wasted over a billion dollars of taxpayer money on failed case management projects. SAIC's $458 million Virtual Case File (VCF) was declared "unfit for use" in 2004 and according to FBI Chief Technology Officer Jack Israel's interview with Fierce Government IT in 2012, Lockheed Martin's $800 million-dollar Sentinel project's "demise" occurred when trying to "build an independent electronic case management system."

CPA Firm, Sax LLP, Explains New Jersey Tax Law Changes and Their Benefits to Residents on Their Website

Governor Christie signed a bill that represents a big step forward in helping both New Jersey residents and the state itself. Residents will reap the benefits of a reduction in sales tax, increase in the retirement income exclusion, increase in the earned income credit and a new personal exemption for veterans.

Congressional Jobs Are Easier to Obtain After Launch of Time on the Hill

Landing a position in Congress is a challenge Brent Sullivan, a former congressional staffer, aimed to help others overcome when he launched Time on the Hill in 2012.

VoiceNation Expanding Services for Bilingual Answering Services

LogoVoiceNation, the industry leader in live answering and virtual receptionist services trusted by more than 50,000 businesses worldwide, has just announced the creation of a new bilingual, Spanish speaking live answering service team.

Vietnam Vet Writes Fascinating Book on the First One Hundred Days as President

In No More, Dr. Thomas Masters, a Vietnam veteran, tackles some of America's toughest and most controversial issues. A Conservative and devout Christian, Dr. Masters, like many Americans, felt disillusioned by the current issues plaguing America. Dissatisfied with government, politicians, and the state of the nation, Dr. Masters felt he could make a valuable contribution by creating a novel that directly addressed many of these conflicts.

Transcend Is First B Corp in Alabama

LogoTranscend, an award-winning leadership development company, has become the first company in Alabama to become a Certified B Corporation®. Called "the highest standard for socially responsible businesses" by Inc. magazine, B Corp™ certification recognizes companies who voluntarily meet standards of transparency, accountability and social impact. Transcend joins a growing community of more than 1,900 Certified B Corporations globally, including Warby Parker, Etsy, Ben & Jerry's and Patagonia, and is the first company in the state to meet the rigorous standards that measure a company's impact on its employees, suppliers, community and the environment.

Dawn J. Bennett, Host of Financial Myth Busting, Writes Article, "Of Purse Strings and Presidents"

With just weeks to go before Election Day, the repugnant daytime-TV drama of the political process just gets more and more sickening to many. It seems deceit, dishonesty, and disgusting personal failings are the primary mover in this election, for both candidates, and more and more people I talk to are answering "no one" when I ask who they're going to vote for on Tuesday, November 8th, a crying shame when our country desperately needs us to participate in the processes of governance. With sexual allegations on the one hand and the dump of thousands of humiliating emails on the other, it's as if we Americans are being held hostage to a poorly written TV show, watching the race for the highest office in our land become a race to the bottom.

Dogfight Elite U.S. Presidential Election Special: Trump vs Clinton

Dogfight Elite, the multiplayer flight simulator based on World War II, has released a special U.S. presidential election edition that lets players battle as Donald Trump against Hillary Clinton. Let the hair fly!

Save the Amorous Bald Eagles from Vanishing Away from the Face of America

The American Bald Eagle is carnivorous in nature, having an average lifespan of around 35-40 years, weighing almost 6.5- 14 lbs. The fundamental diet of these birds is fish and they can dive at a speed of 100 miles per hour in order to catch fishes.

Pick the President with the Clash of Candidates Card Game

The 2016 presidential race has been a wild ride that shows no signs of slowing down. Crazy antics and scandal after scandal have riddled the race, providing genuinely entertaining highs and lows. With an election so crazy and so important, the public deserves a way to wade through the madness. This is where the new two-player strategy card game Clash of Candidates comes in. Clash of Candidates pits two candidates against each other in a brutal fight where the winner takes the White House!

Sophie Limo Redefine Executive Transportation with the Launch of Latest Booking Platform and Smartphone App for Black Car Services in Chicago

LogoSophie Limo announces the launch of black car services, making it easier for everybody to access high-end private corporate transportation in Chicago.

Introducing Race Wars, a Brawl Between Trump and Clinton

The disapproval ratings for the 2016 presidential candidates are abnormally high, holding the worst favorability ratings in decades. (1) These numbers are reminiscent of the 1992 election where third party candidate Ross Perot actually claimed over eighteen percent of the popular vote. With this level of disapproval, the people of the United States need a way to vent their anger. This is where Race Wars: Trump vs Clinton fills its niche. The game is a satirical look at this year's presidential election, allowing users to pick a side and conquer America on the campaign warpath. Race Wars is essentially a fast-paced battle over states and monuments to declare either Clan Trump or Clan Clinton the winner.

WTF America: A Comical Coloring Book for a Comical Election

Recently, adult coloring books have become the latest fad, featuring intricate designs, pastel colors, and an overall relaxing vibe. Color Monthly is here to break that mold with an all new method of stress relief: the WTF America??!! Trump and Clinton Coloring Books for Adults. But do not worry; neither version is tuned for those few and far between supporters. Instead each version depicts a collection of satirical cartoon renditions of memorable quotes and scenes perfect for displaying a little angst. And this is quite the fitting take considering both candidates are sitting at historic lows in approval rating within their respective parties. (1) It is a wonder that either made it to candidacy, but now the public can appreciate the glory of each with ColorMonthly's WTF America??!! Trump and Clinton Coloring Books for Adults.

Mariachi for Democracy - Taco Tuesday - Get out the Vote Event

This election cycle has brought Hispanic and Latino issues to the forefront. Not since George Wallace has there been such blatant and seemingly proud racism exhibited by a major party presidential nominee. Progressives cannot afford to set this one out. All progressives, New Mexico progressives included, need to join together in this election to keep the unthinkable from happening and to support our Hispanic and Latino brothers and sisters.

The Animal in You Stirs Controversy Again by Exposing Donald Trump's Warthog Personality

The great debate is impending to determine the next President of the United States. Who should be the next President? Can animal personality characteristics help unlock the answers as to which candidate has the right instincts, drive and character that make a successful leader? We think so. Based on the best-seller, The Animal in You, (St. Martin's Press) this personality quiz is the most reliable animal personality quiz on the Internet today. Check out what the has to say about the candidates' inner animal.

Michelle Obama Will Be the Focus of Spotlight on Capitol Hill

LogoAdvocacy group, A Just Cause, announces this Thursday, September 22, 2016 AJC Radio's "Spotlight on Capitol Hill" will shine the spotlight on the First Lady of the United States, Mrs. Michelle Obama (, 8-10 PM ET).

Extra Mile Day Momentum Builds to 400 Cities

LogoOver 400 cities have declared November 1, 2016, Extra Mile Day - a day to acknowledge the individuals and organizations that are dedicated to "go the extra mile" in service and volunteerism in order to create positive change in their local communities.

Pine Valley Community Wants to Make Sure Their New Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing Center and Inpatient/Outpatient Therapy Are Completely Ready Before Showing Them

LogoPine Valley Community Village is changing the dates of their open house and ribbon cutting. We're so excited about sharing our new assisted living services and our new construction for rehab/therapy and skilled nursing, that we planned our event as early as possible. Now, because we want to have everything in place before presenting it to the community, we're changing the dates.