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Fargo, ND Becomes First US City to Adopt Approval Voting in Landslide Win

LogoVoters overwhelmingly supported Fargo Measure 1, making their city the first in the US to adopt approval voting, an alternative voting method in which voters can vote for as many candidates as they approve of. 64% of Fargo voters approved the measure.

Nicus Software Appoints John Clark as Chief Executive Officer

LogoNicus Software, Inc., a leading provider of IT Financial and Technology Business Management solutions, today announced that John Clark has been named Chief Executive Officer and member of the Board of Directors.

Canada Immigration Lawyers Announce Fast-Tracked Processing for International Students

LogoAs a team of Canadian immigration lawyers, Sas & Ing have just released an article about Canada's new Student Direct Stream (SDS) program which fast-tracks study permit applications for international students from China, India, Vietnam and the Philippines.

Alleging Religious Bias by Federal Judge & Prosecutor, Church Asks 10th Circuit to Unseal Records

LogoAfter serving 3 years of an 11-year prison sentence, convicted felon Gary Walker decided he'd had enough of the prison life and filed a motion and affidavit requesting release on the basis that he was not responsible for his actions because he was under a religious spell of his mother-in-law pastor, Rose M. Banks of the Colorado Springs Fellowship Church (CSFC). Walker also claimed that a junior attorney and close friend from CSFC (Gwendolyn Lawson), one of two attorneys on his legal team, was also under the religious control of Pastor Banks which caused a conflict of interest representing him and four other defendants during sentencing.

Dallas Criminal Defense Attorney Tim Clancy Named 2018 Texas Super Lawyer

LogoTim Clancy, a criminal defense attorney in Dallas, Texas of Clancy & Clancy Attorneys at Law earned the coveted 2018 Super Lawyers award for his outstanding performance and professional achievement in the legal industry. Clancy is now in one of the nation's most elite clubs for legal counselors, as only five percent of attorneys in Texas earn the annual Super Lawyer recognition. and Max Anderson Recognized by the Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts

LogoThe Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts (AIVA) has selected and Max Anderson as the winner of the 2018 Gold W3 Award for Best Political Website and the 2018 Silver W3 Award for the Best Student Website.

Official Statement: Sentient Science Settles Claim with National Science Foundation

LogoSentient Science has settled with the United States Department of Energy and National Science Foundation (NSF) after four years of litigation. Sentient Science continues to deny allegations that it violated the False Claims Act, but the cost of continued litigation was becoming too great for our small business.

Sean Quinlan Runs for 87th House Seat in the Pennsylvania Legislature on Gun Violence Platform

Poised to make change come election day on November 6th, one Pennsylvania resident has drawn a formidable line in the sand. As an attorney having prosecuted for the York County District Attorney's Office in their Crimes Against Children Unit, the husband and father of two is incensed by the apathy of lawmakers all too uninterested in keeping their constituents safe. With the vigor of a man on a mission, Quinlan calls for greater common-sense gun legislation. First on the list is enacting the Child Access Prevention (CAP) laws which encourage safe storage of firearms by imposing liability on adults who allow children to have unsupervised access to guns. At present, Pennsylvania has no such law. He says it's time to "#Flipthe87th."

Seattle Teen Alt-Rock Band Launching Tour of Local Schools to Spur Voter Registration and Voter Turnout

Gypsy Temple, an up and coming alt-rock band in Seattle, is launching the Make Your Voice Heard Loud Tour, a series of performances on the back of a flatbed truck at local high schools and colleges, starting on Voter Registration day on September 25th.

Vancouver Tax Advisors Provide Tax to-Dos when a Family Member Dies

LogoThe tax planning advisors at Mew + Company in Vancouver know that a death in the family is a terrible event, but nonetheless final tax matters must be dealt with—either by April 30th or six months after the date of death.

There Is Still Time! a New Extension Deadline for 2017 US Tax Returns and FBAR Statements for US Residents Living in Canada

LogoTime is running short for taxpayers who requested an extra six months to file their 2017 tax return. As a reminder, Monday, October 15, 2018, is the extension deadline for most taxpayers. This is also the final date to file an FBAR or Form FinCEN 114 without penalties.

Nile's Project Supports New Landmark California Law Requiring Doctors on Probation to Notify Patients

Nile's Project, a public awareness and educational organization dedicated to preventing unnecessary deaths from hospital-acquired infections, today announced its full support of legislation signed this week by California Governor Jerry Brown that requires doctors on probation for certain serious offenses to notify their patients.

Vancouver Immigration Consultants Highlight Opportunities in Newfoundland

LogoIt comes as no surprise that many prospective immigrants dream of settling in cities like Toronto or Vancouver. But as a group of V ancouver-based Canadian Immigration Consultants, the team at Racer Immigration also highlight opportunities available in other parts of Canada. For example, Newfoundland is currently offering opportunities for business immigration.

Tax Planning for CCPC's from the Experienced Chartered Professional Accountants at Mew + Company

LogoAt the start of 2018, tax advisors and incorporated businesses awaited the 2018 federal budget with high levels of anxiety. The initial announcement to eliminate the tax deferral advantage that a CCPC enjoyed using its after-tax business income to earn passive income was severely punitive. As time passed, Ottawa responded to input from the business community and tax advisors, and the 2018 federal budget offered some relief to vested parties.

BOP Using Inmate Financial Responsibility Program as a Racket to Steal Money from Inmate Families

LogoOn average inmates at the federal prison camp in Florence, Colorado earn an average slave wage of $10 dollars per month which makes it impossible for them to pay things like court costs and restitution or use commissary, phone or email services, all of which are services the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) provides to inmates at a cost.

Approval Voting Officially Makes the Ballot in Fargo, ND

LogoA local grassroots organization, Reform Fargo, has received official approval after submitting signatures for an approval voting ballot initiative. Fargo voters will see approval voting on their ballot this November as Measure 1. The initiative changes the voting method for Fargo's city-wide elections to approval voting, which lets voters choose (not rank) all the candidates they wish on their ballot. Most votes still wins. Cass County Auditor Mike Montplaisir and North Dakota Deputy Secretary of State Jim Silrum have both confirmed that approval voting requires no special software. It also adapts to current ballot design.

DB CyberTech Launches GDPR Continuous Monitoring Solution with the First to Market Advanced Data Classification

LogoDB CyberTech, a pioneer in machine learning based predictive data loss prevention, today announced advanced data classification for structured data as a new capability of their security and privacy platform. This new capability supports compliance with EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Pro Tips for Record Keeping for Businesses from the US Tax Professionals

LogoWhether business owners rely on an Excel spreadsheet, an app, an online system, or something else to keep receipts organized, good record-keeping is the key to recalling all the transactions made during the tax year. If the IRS and Revenue Canada request more information, these paper trails are vital for streamlining the tax process.

BOP Continues Its Abuse of Visiting Families of Inmates at Florence Federal Prison Camp

LogoOn July 1, 2018, the federal prison camp in Florence, Colorado hurt families by eliminating three-hour Friday evening visits which has been in existence for decades and has cited no reason for doing so. Now, prison management, who claims they are financially and operationally constrained by staffing shortages, are taking more time from visiting families and children by subjecting them to intrusive and intimidating search procedures.

Lawyer Mel Chaudhary of Vancouver Personal Injury Firm Simpson Thomas & Associates Reappointed to Canadian Bar Association's Automobile Insurance Committee

LogoAs a local law firm, the team members at Simpson Thomas & Associates have continually worked to distinguish themselves among the best personal injury lawyers in Vancouver since the company was established in 1969. Today, they are pleased to announce that lawyer Mel Chaudhary has been reappointed to sit on a Committee of the Canadian Bar Association of BC (CBABC) for the term of September 1, 2018 to August 31, 2019.

Vancouver Chartered Accountants Provide Tax Perpetration Expertise Year Round

LogoStaying astride of Canada's ever-shifting tax requirements is a burden placed squarely on the shoulders of business owners. As an independent firm of professional accountants, Mew and Company, Chartered Professional Accountants, can provide the expertise and support needed to help Canadian businesses maximize value and minimize tax burdens.

Vancouver Litigation Lawyers Discuss Cancelling a Certificate of Pending Litigation

LogoAs a group of litigation lawyers in Vancouver, the team at Kushner Law typically advises that one of most useful tools litigants have to secure potential proceeds in a successful estate litigation lawsuit is the use of certificates of pending litigation. A Certificate of Pending Litigation ("CPL") is a charge on a property that works to secure a litigant's interest in a property. It stops an owner from either selling or refinancing the subject property. However, in some circumstances, property owners can bring in an application to have the charge removed. For more, go to:

Vancouver Immigration Consultants Warn Applicants Not to Sign Away Their Chances

LogoWhen applying as a prospective immigrant to Canada, honesty is always the best policy. As a team of Canadian Immigration Consultants, it's incredibly important for applicants to be fully cognizant of what they're signing. Putting too much confidence in a firm or consultant can be a risky prospect when it comes to seeking citizenship.

US Tax Accountant Warns of 5 Deductions That Have Disappeared in 2018

LogoAs a C anadian-based US tax accountant who works with ex-pats on both sides of the border, Mark Schiffer and his team at US Tax Professionals have published a blog that cautions taxpayers of 5 deductions that no longer exist.

Vancouver Family Lawyers Tackle Cohabitation Agreements

LogoThe family lawyers at Kushner Law Group handle various types of estate litigation and family law litigation claims on a regular basis. In some ways, these two areas of practice intersect as they often deal with disputes grounded in family dynamics. A legally binding cohabitation agreement can often be a peaceful solution to circumvent long and acrimonious disputes. For more, go to: