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Bill Heeney Writes Urgent Letter to Address Philadelphia Crime

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Updated 1:00 AM CDT, Mon, October 28,2019

Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/28/2019 -- Republican City Council At-Large candidate Bill Heeney is continuing to relentlessly press Philadelphia's D.A., as well as other officials, on addressing the rising crime rate in the city of Philadelphia. Most recently, he has written a joint letter to both Department of Justice Attorney William M. McSwain and Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro, Esq. urging them to pay more attention to the crime in the city. The letter comes on the heels of two children being killed in a violent crime in the past month.

Below is the body of the letter that Heeney sent to the offices of McSwain and Shapiro:


I write to you in desperation in a matter of utmost importance and urgency. The City of Philadelphia is in a complete and utter crisis. We are inundated with criminal activity and out-of-control gun violence which now has escalated to a level that has claimed the most innocent and defenseless of victims -- a two year old who has passed away and an eleven month old who is clinging onto life.

As a major municipality, you would think that this letter from me would not be necessary. However in spite of the fact that we, like other major cities, have the tools to try and combat this out of control crime, what we are missing is the ultimate weapon needed in a time of crisis "Leadership." Philadelphia is a "rudderless" ship, not only are we devoid of leadership but we're being undermined by the people we have elected. Our Mayor is politically blind and deaf to large portions of the electorate and only seems to care about those who share and embrace his progressive ideology. He spends more time attacking national issues and traveling to other countries, such as Denmark, than he does caring for his failing city. He has formed a political "tag team" with our so called District Attorney who prefers the moniker of "Public Defender with Power." They both have sent a undeniably crystal clear, anti-police and anti-victim message from both of their offices. Their actions and lack of action have demoralized and destroyed morale in the Police Department and, worse yet, has switched off the hope of the very people they are supposed to protect and serve.

The criminal element in our city is emboldened and is getting worse by the day. Career criminals are referring to the City's top prosecutor as "Uncle Larry." The people in this city deserve better. Innocent babies should never be subject to this type of atmosphere and our senior citizens should not be afraid to walk the streets. We understand that crime is an unfortunate part of life and it affects many other places besides Philadelphia. What is unacceptable is that those who have been placed in charge of combating it are using the power of their office to foster it. Please join together in this fight -- one of you as an elected Democrat and the other appointed by the Republican President of the United States. It is time for a bi-partisian "tag team" to come to our aid and help our beloved City of Philadelphia.

This type of push is nothing new for Heeney. He has made his voice heard to public officials in the form of both letters and court-ordered motions. He recently had courts rule in his favor on a Right-to-Know request from the D.A.'s office on criminal cases that have been thrown out. The D.A. has since appealed, and that motion is still pending.

Bill Heeney's campaign is built off the small but generous donations of the working class in Philadelphia, and will never allow his campaign to be built off of special interest groups. To join the fight for Better Days Ahead, Heeney encourages Philadelphians to pledge their support to his campaign today.

About Bill Heeney
Bill Heeney is currently the GOP Leader of Philadelphia's 62nd Ward and has seen first-hand that this city needs change. With focuses on cleaning up crime, eliminating the unpopular Philadelphia Soda Tax, and bringing businesses back into the city, Heeney promises that there are Better Days Ahead for Philly if elected to the City Council. Visit www.votebillheeney.com for more information.

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