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Borderless News Online Focusing on Political Situation in Myanmar, Interviews Author Wendy Law-Yone

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Updated 2:15 PM CST, Thu, December 03,2015

Washington, DC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/03/2015 -- Followers of Southeast Asian news will already know that this month, the political situation in Myanmar has been of particular interest due to its recent elections and the influence the results could have on regional politics. With a victory by Nobel Prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi's NLD Party forcing the military-backed USDP to share power, foreign investors and Burmese citizens alike are wondering if the country's long-beleaguered plans to increase foreign investment opportunities will pan out, and in what form – as well as at what cost to social and environmental conditions. Borderless News Online, ASEAN news source, has recently released interviews with Wendy Law-Yone, prominent Burmese-American author, and author and reporter at The Economist Richard Cockett to provide relevant, new perspectives on the topic.

In the interview with Law-Yone, Borderless speaks to the acclaimed author and former political prisoner about the future of her country, specifically with regards to the potential influence of radical monks on the country's future elections, as well as Myanmar's reported curbing of free speech and other restrictions of political freedom, all in a time where the country is ostensibly moving towards democracy. Law-Yone provides insight to these and other issues, including ethnic strife, the potential for Myanmar to become politically unstable, and the importance that Myanmar strive to "promote the idea of cosmopolitanism" in order to avoid the dangers of widespread nationalism.

Borderless News Online also spoke to Richard Cockett, author of "Blood, Dreams and Gold, the Changing Face of Burma," regarding Myanmar's economic future. Contending that the new political party in power has no designated minister of finance and does not have a "particularly good" economic team, Cockett expressed doubts that the country's much-discussed entry into the foreign marketplace after decades of complete isolation would go smoothly, although both parties – the NLD and the USDP – want foreign investment. Cockett also noted that a current issue known as the "Specially-Designated Nationals" (SDN) list, which bans American companies from becoming economically involved with select organizations accused of corruption and human rights infringements, could cause issues and "stymie investment" unless remedied.

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