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BRIM 2016 Registration Opens for Individuals and Families

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Updated 8:00 PM CST, Tue, November 10,2015

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/10/2015 -- eKasih is the National Poverty Data Financial institution working on the issues of poverty and its management in partnership with Chairman of Material Property (KIR) as well as Expert Material Home (AIR). The program is working for individual accounts, program/ support for development of better means for poverty management.

Any individual can sign up at EKasih through open registration at the Regional Officer or Guild Task Advancement/ Advancement Officers Guild (JPP/ PPPN). The same department also provides help and assistance in the process of registration.

The government aim to supported households and for this purpose the Head of Household (HOH) is considered the residence responsible to provide protection and welfare to the people of residence where he lives. The Head of Household (HOH) is treated as residence of the place of the selected residence. br1m provides updates regarding the program and encourages people to join in by creating their accounts that should be updated. According to the program initiative the government will focus on poor groups and they will be awarded payment of br1m 2016 that is financial support up to the level of RM1050. The aim of brim is to provide sufficient window of support and development to the deserving groups. The changes in program have been shared with those who have already joined the program. The program aims to economically up life the certain group from society and encourages people to sign up in their household families.

The new registration is done through IC which is entered into the website. The brim program is designed to help people and households who wish to be supported by governmental fund. The funds are limited and hence people often worry if they are on the list of fund or not. The EKasih eligibility for BRIM 2016 can be seen online where people and their families can enter themselves in eKasih list. The new category is introduced in the BRIM program that serves the active members of e-Kasih program.

The payments from BRIM are different from different categories. Usually the payment is done three times a year. The amounts re transferred to the families and individual who are members of program.

The advantage of the online system and account is that users can easily update their information without directly contacting and waiting for the assistance of department to do the work for them. The room for error has also been reduced. For more information: http://brim-hasil.com

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company name : BRIM
website : http://brim-hasil.com/

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