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Broward County Florida Site Creates New Sections on County Clerk of Courts and Sherriff's Department

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Updated 10:52 AM CDT, Wed, July 01,2015

BrowardCFL.com is a website offering detailed information on every aspect of the county, and has published new information on the Sherriff’s Department and the Clerk of Courts.

Fort Lauderdale, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/01/2015 -- People can live somewhere for years and still not know the most basic information about some of its fundamental institutions, because they have never had need of them. The problems start when people suddenly do have need of local provisions, but don't know how to access them or even which to access. BrowardCFL.com is a website designed to help people understand what institutions the county has, how they can be accessed, and when people should contact them. They have just updated their site with information on the Clerk of Courts and Sherriff's Department.

The new section on the County Clerk of Courts (http://browardcfl.com/broward-county-clerk-of-courts) describes in detail the major responsibilities of this important role, and includes a biography of the individual currently holding the position, as well as outlining how individuals from the county can contact and make requests of them.

The section on the Sherriff's Department (http://browardcfl.com/broward-county-sheriff) too outlines the major roles and responsibilities of the office, together with profiling key individuals within it, and key points of infrastructure, including aviation and special vehicles, detention networks, and more.

These resources have been expanded and updated in time for publication of the new sections, which mark the continued expansion of the site to provide further and more thorough descriptions of the county's most important institutions.

A spokesperson for Broward County Florida explained, "We feel it is especially important for us to expand our website in these areas to ensure people have the knowledge they need regularly available at their finger-tips, should they choose to use the internet to look up resources for their local area. That is why we have done everything possible to provide guidance that is both comprehensive and clear, enabling people to make the right choices more quickly and directly than ever before."

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