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Clint Tribble Announces Congressional Candidacy for Tennessee's 1st District

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Updated 10:08 AM CDT, Mon, April 04,2016

Knoxville, TN -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/04/2016 -- A true conservative with strong principles, Clint Tribble will be entering the race for the November general election and seeks to unseat incumbent Congressman of District 1, Phil Roe. Like presidential candidate Donald Trump, Tribble is self-funding his campaign and unlike Roe, he doesn't have the support or backing of special interests.

"We can't afford to waste another election and we can't afford to re-elect Phil Roe," said Tribble. "Only the voters can carry my grassroots message to Washington, D.C. by voting for me on Aug. 4."

Prior to Dec. 2015, Tribble hadn't considered running for Congress. Statements made by Roe in The Kingsport Times-News made him realize that the residents of District 1 needed a different, better choice – someone that understands the issues, who will work hard and won't side with the status quo or the Establishment.

Tribble cites decisions by Phil Roe as reasons he has to go. Roe doesn't believe the borders should be secured and doesn't understand the scope of the threat. He voted for Obama's Fast Track Authority trade deal to enrich offshore corporate interests to the detriment of American workers.

Roe voted to prohibit labeling of GMOs and voted in favor of the DARK Act, a giveaway to corporate giant Monsanto. He voted in favor of a multi-billion dollar food stamp bailout bill, supported numerous boondoggle projects, and voted to increase the debt ceiling several times. Heavily funded by special interest groups, Roe also attacked Internet freedom.

In contrast, Tribble isn't a typical politician. He's an outsider with common sense who believes it's time for citizens to rise up and take back their country. Tribble majored in International Affairs at Northern Arizona University and has a firm grasp of the world situation and the tough decisions that are necessary for the U.S. to prosper.

Tribble supports a full and temporary ban on all immigration and opposes any trade agreement that would damage the U.S. or put the country at a disadvantage. The candidate supports local education and opposes Common Core educational requirements.

He opposes efforts to take away gun rights and will fight any increase in age requirements for Social Security benefits. Perhaps most notable is Tribble's opposition to The North American Union that would effectively create a European-style super state composed of the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

Tribble supports Donald Trump's positions on ways to return the U.S. to the beacon of hope and leadership the world needs. Residents will play an essential part in that process who Vote Clint in the District 1 Republican primary on Aug. 4.

About Clint Tribble
Clint Tribble is a lifelong Republican running for Congressman of Tennessee's District 1. He was raised in the Nazarene Christian evangelical faith and graduated with a degree in International Affairs at Northern Arizona University. He maintains a presence on Facebook and Twitter

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