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Congressional Jobs Are Easier to Obtain After Launch of Time on the Hill

Via: ReleaseWire

Updated 3:35 PM CST, Fri, November 11,2016

Washington, DC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/11/2016 -- Landing a position in Congress is a challenge Brent Sullivan, a former congressional staffer, aimed to help others overcome when he launched Time on the Hill in 2012.

"I know from personal experience that trying to land a job in Congress seems like an impossible feat if you do not know the right people or do not run in the right circles," says Sullivan. "It took me 74 meetings over coffee to gain my first opportunity on Capitol Hill. It is a tough environment and even harder if you do not have the right support and tools to be successful."

Time On The Hill has placed more than 200 individuals in important roles since forming and the list continues to grow. From Chiefs of Staff, top Executive Branch officials, to providing high quality internships to college students, Time On The Hill aims to assist anyone from any background who is passionate about service and wants to break into the ranks of Capitol Hill.

In Time On The Hill's recent Humans of Congress initiative, numerous Hill staffers were interviewed about their experience with life in Congress. Kayla O'Regan, who is featured in Humans of Congress and obtained a legislative internship says, "Washington has the potential to completely change everything you believe in, or add to your foundational view. No matter what, you'll learn more about yourself, our policies and the congressional environment."

Time On The Hill takes a methodical approach to helping people from all backgrounds obtain positions in Congress. From resume writing, interview preparation, to providing extensive job leads and connections, they aim to assist potential staffers in every part of the complex Capitol Hill job search.

Sullivan says, "It does not matter where you come from, who you are, your socioeconomic standing or what your political affiliation might be. Getting a job in Congress is going to be very hard if you are not adequately prepared. We take a whole person approach to prepare our clients and also forge long lasting relationships with them to achieve their career goals on Capitol Hill. It is a lonely environment sometimes, but we have our clients' backs."

To learn more about Time On The Hill or to get your career started on Capitol Hill, visit http://www.timeonthehill.com

About Time On The Hill
In 2012, Time On The Hill launched its very first placement in the House of Representatives, signaling a commitment to helping passionate and dedicated individuals achieve their goal of congressional service. Designed to provide candidates from all over the country with "access to Congress and an opportunity to serve," the Time On The Hill program has grown to become a fully comprehensive pipeline of talent to both the House and Senate. Today, Time On The Hill continues to provide direct support to candidates via a model that drives the successful enrollment, retention and opportunity of diverse students. We serve both the most elite institutions as well as the underrepresented entities that receive little attention. We also serve veterans from all over the United States.

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