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Joseph Maldonado Slams "No Debate" Rule for Independent Candidates

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Updated 9:44 AM CDT, Wed, April 20,2016

U.S. President Candidate asks if Republicans and Democrats are afraid to debate with independent candidates like him

Wynnewood, OK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/20/2016 -- Independent U.S. President Candidate, Joseph Maldonado, popularly known as Joe Exotic, has lambasted the rule that disallows him and other independent candidates from having an open debate with Republican and Democratic candidates. He has appealed to the US residents to question the government and the media if it is fair or constitutional to deny him the chance for an open debate.

"It is so unfair. I can't challenge them for an open debate and call their bluffs. I am not allowed to debate as I am an independent, the rule says, but seems to me that I am actually not allowed to make them look like fools in front of the TV cameras and the whole nation. I am being deprived, as is the whole population of United States of America, from having real solutions to the problems and challenges being faced by our great country," says Joseph Maldonado, an independent U.S. President Candidate. "I appeal to the residents of the United States of America to ask their government and the media if they are being fair to independent presidential candidates like myself by depriving us of a chance to debate with the candidates of the Republican and Democratic parties."

With a campaign focused on the issues dear to the real people of the United States of America who have never had a voice before, Joseph Maldonado's campaign has been garnering a lot of support on social media platforms. Joseph has crystal clear stand on various issues like Veteran Rights, Social Security, Health Care, Gun Rights and Medicare, among several others that are close to his heart. Joseph Maldonado hopes to create a stir and attract the attention of the various media outlets to discuss, and the government to reconsider, the "no debate for independent candidates" rule in the interest of the people of the USA.

"I would like to request each one of my supporters and every proud American, to please bombard all election officials, state and national authorities and the TV, Print and online media with Emails, Calls, Faxes, Messages on Social platforms like Facebook and Twitter, and whatever else you think can work, and ask them for a debate with Joe Exotic, as I can offer out-of-the-box solutions for the problems and challenges that our great country faces today," adds Joseph Maldonado. "I wouldn't be surprised to find that this archaic rule was enacted by someone in the past to avoid an independent candidate like me from firing some big-wig and blow them out of the water! Aren't they all hanging on to this rule even today because they are afraid of being exposed in front of the nation? I bet, they are!"

Individuals and organizations wishing to support Joseph Maldonado's presidential campaign may visit his official website www.JoeExotic2016.com.

About Joseph Maldonado, aka, Joe Exotic
Joseph Maldonado, popularly known as Joe Exotic, is an Independent U.S. President Candidate, who is currently on his election campaign. Having crystal clear stand on issues like Veteran Rights, Social Security, Health Care, Gun Rights and Medicare, among several others that are close to his heart, Joseph's popularity is on the rise since he announced his candidature in November, 2015. When not campaigning, Joseph likes to spend time with his family and friends that includes over 200 tigers and lions housed on property located in Wynnewood, Oklahoma You can catch the action at his zoo in his online video series www.JoeExotic.TV.

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