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Michael W Durrow Runs for the Portland, Oregon City Council to Bring People Real Changes

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Updated 11:30 AM CDT, Mon, August 03,2015

Portland, OR -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/03/2015 -- Real changes are needed to bring trust back to the people of Portland says Michael W Durrow, who is running for office. The candidate believes it's time the people of Portland had someone in office that will fight for the peoples' interests and not a person who continues to fight for moneyed interests.

Northeast Portland resident and former small business owner, Michael W Durrow has today announced he is running for Portland, Oregon City Council. The full-time activist who is currently serving on the Multnomah Educational Service District wants to bring major changes to Portland and provide a place to live that is equal for everyone.

Many residents in Portland feel City Hall is out of touch and want major changes to take place. However, with the current people in office those changes will not take place until someone steps up to the mark and stands for the people and makes City Hall more accountable. Michael W Durrow believes he is that person and according to his many supporters positive changes could be on their way.

When asked the reason behind his decision to run for office Michael replied he wants to fight for ordinary people. who have largely consigned themselves to their fates.

"City Hall is out of touch, and it doesn't take a Harvard degree to see that ordinary people are being nickel and dimed out of their homes. I'm running to make City Hall responsive to the needs the people and the environment of Portland."

The dedicated servant to the people of Portland wants to see City Hall work for the people and not for itself. He wants to bring transparency to City Hall instead of decisions being made behind closed doors. Michael is passionate about making Portland a better place to live for everyone, no matter what their station in society. He wants to see veterans and elders being better cared for as well as having a progressive tax structure and equitable distribution of burdens and benefits.

Michael promises if the people get behind him and vote for change, he will fight to give people a ladder out of homelessness and poverty. To learn more about Michael W Durrow and why voting for anyone else but him would be a wasted vote, please visit http://www.michaeldurrow.org/

About Michal W Durrow
Michael W Durrow is the oldest of three children. His parents met in Hahn, AB Germany (West Germany at the time) when his father was an Airman stationed there with the United States Air Force and Michael's mother was working as an au pair, caring for an Officer's children. Michael's parents were married inter-racially at a time when their relationship was illegal in 16 of the United States. Loving Day is an annual celebration held on June 12, the anniversary of the 1967 United States Supreme Court decision Loving v. Virginia which struck down all anti-miscegenation laws remaining in sixteen U.S. states. Michael's mother became a displaced homemaker in 1980 and raised Michael and his siblings alone after Marvin Durrow retired from the service. Michael went to Our Jefferson High School, graduated from Portland Community College, has two Cisco Cetifications and was previously a licenced principal broker.

Michael W Durrow

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