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Samuel Claiborne Seeks Funding via Indiegogo for Disreputable, a Unique Form of Protest

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Updated 9:30 AM CST, Thu, December 17,2015

Ridicule has always been one of the strongest forms of protest for many years. Disreputable is a novel form of protest against America’s corrupt political system.

New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/17/2015 -- Past leaders like Stalin and Hitler were extremely frightened of caricaturists and their ridicule because there is no other form of protest like satire. Disreputable is on a mission to create funny, edgy, and controversial products representing the merciless parody of America's bigoted and corrupt politicians.

Samuel Claiborne believes that America's political system has broken completely. "Our politicians, of all stripes, are bought and paid for by the uber-rich. They may spew populist messages, but the truth is, they don't care about you unless you're richer than God. "Here at Disreputable, LLC, we're disgusted with corrupt, breathtakingly hypocritical politicians, and a paralyzed political system, as well as the lack of plain common sense and empathy that our serial-lying, psychopathic 'leaders' demonstrate today," he states.

Here are some of the products to be released by Disreputable

- 'Donald' Douche-bag kit
- You're Screwed!™ Mug collection
- Climate Change Denier Flood Globe™ collection
- Corporate Whores™ bobblehead collection
- Santorum Brand™ Anal Lube

In addition to delivering offbeat political humor novelties, Disreputable also wants to educate. Disreputable.info, a sister site of Disreputable.co, will provide factual information on each candidate's conflicts of interest and basic ethical depravity. And most of their products will come with matching coasters or collectible trading cards.

Samuel Claiborne has recently started an Indiegogo campaign with the funding goal of $250,000. He needs the startup capital for real artists, real researchers, real merchandise, and real provocateurs. Disreputable also intends to use guerrilla street theater to harry the candidates all next spring and summer, videotaping presentations to the candidates of their own lube, bobblehead, Flood Globe™, etc.

To find out more about this campaign, please visit http://bit.ly/1QnS4oF

The website of Disreputable is http://disreputable.co/

About Samuel Claiborne
Samuel Claiborne is a rocker and experimental musician, and the founder of the first Organic Eco-Couture company, Earth Speaks. He is also a pacifist, demonstrator, occupier, teacher of non-violent civil disobedience, body and energy worker, editor, writer, poet, visual and video artist. He is outraged by greed, lies, and hypocrisy. He's the guy with all the bumper stickers - the ones that piss off liberals and conservatives. He wants change, but he wants to laugh while he foments it!

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