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Supreme Court Ruling Allows Appeal of Divorce Settlements

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Updated 3:15 AM CDT, Mon, October 26,2015

Doncaster, England -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/26/2015 -- A new Supreme Court ruling will allow couples who have previously had divorces case resolved to have them reopened in instances where they have not been allowed a fair and just settlement due to their ex partners non-disclosure of their financial affairs.

The ruling comes after two women, Alison Sharland, 48 and Varsha Gohil, 50, argued that their husbands, who are millionaires, misled the family courts about how much they were worth. Sharland's case had come under criticism as she had originally accepted £10.35m 3 years ago. Talking to The Guardian, Sharland said she had pursued her case so that other women and partners were "not faced with a situation where their spouse tells lies, which potentially affects the outcome and interferes with achieving a just and fair settlement."

The ruling gives more leeway for wives to appeal against the agreements made during the divorce if they have reason to believe their ex-partners have lied about their assets and how much they're worth. It has been stressed the case was pursued because of this reason and not for monetary gain.

Speaking to the Guardian, Gohil said: "There are absolutely no winners in divorce and more than a thought has to be given to the children of families locked in this type of litigation. The price they pay is a very heavy one. The emotional strain of it is huge on everyone, the drain in financial resources is enormous and none of it serves the family."

The Legal Team has specialist solicitors with many years' experience in dealing with divorce cases; a spokesperson said: "The Supreme Court ruling has far reaching implications for couples who hide their assets in an attempt to avoid high value divorce settlements. This is a landmark judgement that has provided clarity on how to deal with cases where one party alleges non-disclosure."

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