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The Moderate Republican Reports on Education Secretary Betsy DeVos

Via: ReleaseWire

Updated 10:55 AM CDT, Thu, July 13,2017

Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/13/2017 -- New political blog, The Moderate Republican, covers the news from the centrist's perspective. The most recent blog discusses for-profit schools and their treatment by Education Secretary Betsy DeVos.

The current American political landscape would seem to be one of extreme positions, if recent news coverage is to be believed. Blogger David Downs wants to try and change that perception by demonstrating that centrists and moderates do exist and that their positions are more commonly held than not. The recent article, Education Secretary DeVos Kowtows to Predatory "Universities", looks at the for-profit college landscape and the government's response to its decline.

"I'm an American," says David Downs. "That still means something to me. It's about holding integrity above profit and treating others with compassion while valuing their contributions. These universities prey on people and leave them with an education and degree that are virtually worthless."

"Many for-profit universities are a joke. A third of those that default on student loans hail from them. Their recruitment strategies are unethical at best and have often been found to be illegal in court. Sure, these students signed a contract for these loans, but they are in desperate need of relief. The Obama administration's policies had it right: these loans largely need to be forgiven."

The blog has just launched with the intention of delivering a much-needed centrist voice to the political discussion. The blog espouses: Delivering common sense to the political maelstrom. Hailing from the right, but not an ideologue. Downs promises that the blog will try to look at every issue from a pragmatic and compassionate point of view.

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The Moderate Republican is a political blog with leanings to the central of the political spectrum that seeks to offer a balanced perspective on the day's news through thoughtful commentary and unadulterated facts.

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