Wolf Intelligence Showcase of World's First-Ever Filter Encrypted Communication System

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Updated 4:20 PM CDT, Tue, June 07,2016

Our solution to tab anonymous communication interception, and providing max security surveillance.

Munich, Bavaria -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/07/2016 -- WOLF Intelligence is a trusted company when it comes to providing innovative solutions focusing on heightened security. The system that they are about to introduce in the ISS Prague is just among the highly-specialized solutions they proudly offer to their clientele.

It is in so speaking; WOLF Intelligence is excited to announce, that what they will be showcasing at the ISS Prague exhibit will be the first ever made system for the filtering of TOR, VPN and encrypted calls from terrorists or persons of malicious intents. Providing the world a real solution in encrypting all forms of communication done by people from outside official spheres.

The loopholes presented in current methods of communication, have so far, allowed terrorists as well as people exterior to government officials, the ability to hack and send the information they need. Governments, despite their efforts, have been unable to encrypt messages immediately, leaving scores of people unaware and vulnerable to attacks.

This is what WOLF Intelligence resolves, and this what has enticed them to develop the system to be showcased at the upcoming ISS World Training-7-9 June, 2016 in Prague.

Visit: http://www.issworldtraining.com/ISS_EUROPE/

WOLF knows that the faults behind many attacks, including the unfortunate losses in Paris and Brussels, can be outsmarted. By developing an automated system that filters and alerts for details, WOLF ensures that authorities are fully capable of fulfilling their obligations towards the protection of their people. Thus, allowing governments access to the information necessary in a timely manner in order to take immediate action.

Video POC: https://vimeo.com/166548907

For those who are interested to learn more about the company, please visit their official website at http://www.wolfintelligence.com.

Those who have inquiries or would like to get in touch with any of the representatives from the company, feel free to contact them at +49 89309040370 & 371.

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